For generations, South Carolina Baptist churches have recognized the need to cooperate in order to fulfill Christ’s mandate in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) as “witnesses” locally, nationally, and internationally (Acts 1:8). Baptist churches of like faith and practice have come together, associating with one another to form ministry partnerships known as Baptist Associations. Faithfulness to the gospel has compelled member churches to accomplish together what no single church could do alone, through Baptist Associations.

Baptist Associations have been instrumental in fostering Christian education, building churches, and coordinating missions and evangelism, making Christ known to the world. North Greenville Baptist Association and Greer Baptist Association have always existed to accomplish this important work. They have remained faithful to their historical purpose, transformed themselves for ministry effectiveness, and promoted cooperative missions. Every generation is called upon to evaluate mission strategy, organizational structure, and mission and evangelism methods.

During this time of evaluation and recommendation, the histories of the North Greenville and Greer Associations demonstrate in times of change, unity and gospel fidelity have prevailed. The Associations have faced demographic changes, results of great revivals, and economic struggles throughout their histories. Their histories provide evidence that Baptist churches have looked to their Associations as ministry partners providing a confident source for preserving doctrinal unity, fellowship among churches, and promoting cooperative missions and evangelism.